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Resident Programs

UPenn programs - limited to UPenn residents:

  1. Puentes De Salud: Free clinic for Latino immigrants in Philadelphia that are attended one Wednesday evening per month.

  2. STD Clinic: Free clinic one evening per week at a Federally Qualified Health Center in Philadelphia. If other Residents want to participate in this, they would have to set this up with their program (i.e. on a separate day, supervised by their own Attending, etc).

  3. Guatemala: Once yearly trip for 1 week with a few Residents and Attendings.

  4. Free Skin Cancer Screening at Penn: 1 Saturday per year in the Spring.

UPMC Volunteer Projects:

  1. Volunteering at local free clinics including Birmingham Clinic and Squirrel Hill Health Center occurring monthly – available to PA residents. They would be supervised by Dr. Alaina James at UPMC.

  2. Volunteering in Honduras through our annual Dermatology Brigade - this is limited to UPMC Residents, but there is potential to expand in the future.

  3. Working on establishing a joint Dermatology-Internal Medicine trip in Malawi based on UPMC’s already established center there. Currently, this is still being established but may be open to Residents across the state in the future.

Penn State College of Medicine – Dermatology Volunteer Projects:

  1. Free annual skin cancer screening – available to PA residents

  2. Bethesda Clinic in Harrisburg monthly (typically for those who are uninsured, but we often serve the homeless population of Harrisburg) – available to PA residents

  3. Milton Hershey School, Dr. Zaenglein conducts a peds derm clinic there monthly (this is a school that pays and houses students from around the country who are from difficult/troubled social or financial situations) 

If you are interested in any of  these volunteer opportunities and would like more information, please send an email to:

Philadelphia Firefighter Cancer Screenings

The Public Health and Education Committee invites our members to join in conducting skin cancer screenings at the Philadelphia Union Hall. The Philadelphia Union Hall is excited to host us.

Join us in giving back to the Philadelphia Fire Fighter Community! We are anticipating over 200 fire fighters to sign up for this event and we need YOUR help to screen as many as possible.  


November 12 (all day, two sessions)
9am-12pm (72)
1pm-4pm (72)

November 13 evening from 6:00pm-8:30pm (60 screenings)

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