Teaching:  How You Can Make a Difference!

Damaging sun exposure in children increases their risk of developing skin cancer as adults. Even a few hours of sun protection education can vastly improve a child's knowledge of how to be safe in the sun. That is why the Pennsylvania Academy of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery encourages members to volunteer their time to educate children in their community about this important topic.

The material below was compiled by Lara Wine Lee, MD, PhD, as a resource for dermatologists and others who are interested in speaking to elementary school children about sun safety.

There are a variety of PowerPoints that can be used. The Activity Guide offers suggestions on ways to develop a lesson plan or presentation. These resources are designed to be adaptable for different settings and age groups. Look for opportunities in your local schools or children’s organizations, such as health fairs, Earth Day activities, and sporting events. Please contact us with your questions at paderm@pamedsoc.org.

Activity Guides

Use this tool (pdf) to plan your lessons/presentation.


The Dark Side of Sun Exposure (pdf)
The Ozone Layer (pdf)
SunWise for kindergarten through second grade (1.55 MB pdf)
SunWise for third through fifth grade (1.22 MB pdf)                   
The Sun: Friend or Foe? (pdf)                   
How Animals Protect Themselves from the Sun (1.57 MB pdf)

All presentations also available in PowerPoint.  Please contact the PAD office at (866) 650-3376 to request PowerPoint slides.

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